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Week 5



This week has been such fun in pre school!

We have been continuing our topic 'People who Help Us' and began to think about the job that doctors and nurses do in our community to keep us healthy.


Dallas went for his injections this week and was able to tell the class all about what happened and we discussed why it is important to make sure we have injections before we start Reception class.


The children and Mrs Rothwell created a doctor's surgery in the role play area of the classroom and we have been having a great time in there all week!  The children will make amazing doctors when they are older!

We also drew about the equipment a doctor uses in our Drawing the Write Way session this week.

The deputy headteacher from Douglas Valley, who created the programme, came to visit and was blown away by the amazing work the children are doing and the progress being made in these sessions!


In our Floorbooks session we watched videos about a building site and looked at the different vehicles that work there.  It was very interesting.  Again, Elliott was superstar of the session demostarting his understanding of the building trade world and naming the vehicles on the site.

In the continuous provision this week we have had lots of challenges to complete.

Practising our writing skills

Making pictures from shapes

Trying something new

Be adventurous!

We have also welcomed another pre-schooler into the number 4 club!

Happy birthday!  We hope you have a lovely time at your party on Saturday

We have been thinking about internet safety also.  We talked with the children about always checking with a grown up before you press the green tick on your games and not talking to strangers on headsets or tablets.

Next week we are going to be thinking all about the people we love as we celebrate St. Valentine's Day.

Please bring to school a photograph of your child with their family members for our activities throughout the week.

Thank you


See you next week!