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Week 6

Week 6


Congratulations to Grace for receiving the achievement award for two outstanding pieces of writing including alternative words for sad and happy and using 'because' to give reasons.


Also congratulations to Anureet, Mikiee, Grace, Lisamarie, Noah, Liam H, Saskia, Maisey, Mia & Alfie W for earning the next spelling badge. It's really great to see almost everybody in Y1F with a spelling badge! Keep up the hard work.




In English this week have been on a magical bubble adventure! We watched the film 'Bubbles' were we saw a little girl go on an adventure in a bubble to space and under the sea. We then spent the week thinking about and giving reasons for what the girl was feeling at different points in the film and why. We also described the scenes we saw on our own bubble adventure.




This week we have continued to learn about money, but we have focused on adding amounts and finding the correct change. We need to recognise coins and know their values for the end of year 1.




This week we have been creating art work in the style of Georgia O'Keefe for our upcoming art exhibition. Details to follow.


Have a lovely weekend, see you next week. For our short week (INSET day on Friday) before half term.


Lots of love,


Miss Rose, Mrs Duckworth & Mrs Stirrup 

xx x x x xx x x x x