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Week 6

This week we have begun to get ready for Christmas.

We learned that the word for this is 'Advent' like in advent calendar.


We have listened to the Christmas story about the first Christmas when baby Jesus was born.  We talked about what we will be doing in our families to celebrate Christmas.


We discussed what we have done already to get our houses ready for Christmas and what we will be doing on Christmas day.  Please pop into our classroom to see what the children said on our 'At Christmas time' display board.


Mrs Rothwell made some artificial snow for us in the outdoor area this week.  We had a very foggy morning in pre school and we had a snowball fight.  It was so much fun!  We had pretend snow in our hair.






We welcomed another child into the number 4 club! Happy Birthday!

We have been very busy all week getting ready for our Nativity Performance.


Please remember to pick up your tickets from Mrs Rothwell.

The performance will start at 2pm