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Week 7



The beginning of this week was 'Operation Nativity'!


We practised until it was perfect and wasn't it just?

The children made all of the grown ups in the classroom so proud.  From the sheperd's swagger to the donkey's with the detachable was just perfect!


Unfortunately, as we were so busy, we did not manage to get any photographs of the children in the show.  

Please send any pictures you have, if you can, to

with a subject of FAO:Mrs Rothwell.


An elf also arrived in our classroom this week.  

We discussed how we were going to name the elf.  There were lots of names that the children wanted the elf to be named, but we discussed how it was most fair to have a vote.

We voted for our favourite three names then Ellie picked out the winner.

Our elf is named Jill.....Jolly Jill!



The latter part of the week has been taken up by making surprises for you from the children.  

They have been busy making and filling and tying and cutting!


We do not want to give away the surprise so here are a few snippets

We also celebrated National Jumper Day.  What a fantastic effort by all of the parents and the children!
Well done to the children who have worked hard at home.  Don't forget to return your WOW moments if you haven't already.

Next week is our last week of the Autumn term!  We can't believe we are a third of the way through the year already.  

We finish at the usual time on Friday.

See you next week