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week ending 10th January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome back to our class blog. This half term we are going to be using traditional texts as the focus for our learning.  This week we are using the text The Gingerbread Man. 
We conducted an experiment to see which liquid dissolved the gingerbread the fastest. We used hot water, cold water, milk and ice. The hot water and milk worked the fastest. We had a great time exploring and discussing the outcomes of the experiment. We can't wait to do more this half term smiley
We have also been using The Gingerbread Man to help us with our learning about numbers. We have identified numbers and counted out from a larger group a certain number to add to his body. This is a great way of developing our number order and number recognition. 
We have also been exploring and using different media to create pictures about the Gingerbread Man. We used collage, paint, pastels and crayons to add different textures to our images. Aren't they fantastic? 
We continue to develop our Read Write Inc skills in lots of different ways. This week we have been labelling the Gingerbread Man different body parts. We have explored hearing and writing initial sounds and pushing sounds together to help us read words. A great start to the new year smiley
We have also been exploring number sentences and thinking about the patterns and different ways we can make the same number. Take a little look at this lovely example. We are encouraging the children to identify patterns in their work and it certainly is paying off. Well done everyone yes
Next week we will be using the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff as the focus for our learning. We will explore lots of different versions of the same book and look at similarities and differences in the texts.  
Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday smiley