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week ending 12.1.18

Hello and welcome back to our blog. This week has been a very busy week full of exciting writing opportunities. This week, the focus of our learning has been the text Little Red Riding Hood. We have listened to lots of different versions of the same story and have talked about how each one is slightly different. We have also thought about how there are similarities in some versions.
We have been busy playing a game and had to read lots of different words if we landed on them. This was great. We went off and played this game with our friends.
We have also been busy working on our writing development. We have been taking key features of the story and talking about the characters and what kinds of things they said. Our writing is really improving and the progress we are making is amazing. We are so very proud!
We have also been getting creative with paper! we have been taking a boring piece of paper and thinking about how we can transform it into something different. Look at this amazing phone! How creative!  

Next week we will be using the text Jack and The Beanstalk. We will be focusing on numbers quite a lot and talking about 1 more and 1 less. Remember to come back and visit the blog again for lots more exciting learning experiences.


Have a wonderful weekend 


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