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Week ending 12th July 2019

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. As ever, this week has been action packed. Let's take a little look at this weeks learning.
We continue to explore objects and their use on our Curiosity table. This has been a great way of developing the children's speaking skills as well as their writing skills. We have had some amazing objects and have really shown our creative imagination when trying to guess the purpose of the objects. 
We have also been exploring our creative side. We have been looking at different media and combining them together to create something new. Take a look at what we can produce when we let our imagination and creativity take over. Brilliant yes
We have also been recalling our past learning and using it to make links. Take a look at this. We had an idea to use diamonds to help us make a magic carpet. Isn't this a wonderful example of creativity at its best. smiley
We have also been looking through magazines and identifying healthy things to eat. This kind of discussions is really important when we are learning about health and self care and the answers we had show  the children's understanding. Well done everyone. 
At this point of the year it is lovely and so very rewarding to see the children developing their confidence and independence when working. This truly does show that all of the exposure they have had to the many different learning experiences are well and truly embedded. This is just example of how children use numbers in the maths area to create number sentences and problems.

Sadly that is all for this week. We look forward to spending our last week together in Reception and celebrating the amazing learning journey we have shared together. Can we ask you to return both your loan library book and your reading book to school on Monday so we can get them ready for next year. Have a wonderful weekend. 


Staff and children in Reception W smiley