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week ending 12th October 2018

Welcome back to our blog. We hope that you enjoy all of the learning we have undertaken this week. So, let's get started.....

This week we have been using the text Tyrannosaurus Drip as the focus for our learning and what a great time we have had.

We went out onto the ALPS in the sunshine and used natural materials to make images of dinosaurs. We talked about size, shape and what we thought would make good features. It was a lovely activity and done in lovely sunshine. We have some amazing artists in class. Well done everyone! no
We also thought about fossils and dinosaurs as part of our learning. We looked at how many thousands of years ago dinosaurs were alive and what happened to them when they died. We learned a new word as well, extinct. We explored making our own fossils using salt dough and playdough. Take a look 
We discovered frozen dinosaurs and had to think about the many different ways we could possibly free them from the ice. We thought about throwing them onto the floor to crack the ice, using very hot water from the kettle and to possibly leave them outside in the sunshine to melt. What a super set of ideas.
We also developed our shape recognition. We created shape dinosaurs in the maths area and has to describe the shapes we were going to use. For example if we wanted to use a square we had to say how many sides it had, if we wanted to use a rectangle we talked about long and short sides. This was a really good way of developing our ability to describe properties of simple shapes.
After out visits to the ALPS we used the leaves etc that we gathered and made some prints with them. We are beginning to think about Autumn and how seasons change and we thoiught this would be a great way of developing our learning. These are now on display in our group room so sneak in for a little peak.  

Next week we will be using the text What the ladybird heard as the focus for our learning. Once again, as we have every week, we will be going out onto the ALPS so please make sure that your child has a coat and wellies in school on Tuesday. 


We are really impressed with the number of reading books that are returned each Monday. Thank you for your support. Just a gentle reminder that books are changed EVERY MONDAY and we listen to the children read EVERY FRIDAY afternoon so please make sure your child has their book bag in school on these two days. 


We are also reminding parents that every child needs a PE kit in school, it is difficult for them to use apparatus if they do not have the appropriate clothing and footwear.


Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday ready to learn smiley