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Week ending 14th October

This week we have been developing our knowledge of seasons and textures as we undertake our learning. We started the week off by taking part in a sensory walk. We encouraged the children to take off their shoes and explore different objects and to describe the texture. Here we are on our sensory walk. 
We have also been exploring different senses. We added cinnamon and ginger to sand and used different objects to write numbers. 
We also explored different leaves. We described colours, shapes and textures and talked about how they appeared on the ground.  Take a look at us exploring changing colours when we made our leaf prints 
Thank you to all of those parents who have filled in the speech bubbles. It’s lovely to see what things your child are interested in. We are planning of integrating lots of these ideas into our continuous provision after the half term holiday
We have also been developing our fine motor control. We have been undertaking a number of challenges. This one was to see Howe many conkers could be threaded onto a string in 1 minutes 
We hope that you have a lovely weekend. Staff look forward to seeing you at parents evening next week.