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Week ending 14th September 2018

Welcome back to our blog. This week we have used the text Superworm in class and all of our exciting learning opportunities have been linked to it. 


We started the week off by reading the text and everyday we have revisited it and developed it a little further. We have looked at rhyming words, changed characters and thought of a different ending. All in one week.




We really enjoyed our visit to the ALPS. We had a great time looking for worms. We looked under logs and talked about why they seem to like dark, damp places to live. We then brought some back to class and observed them and created drawings about them.
We then focused on developing our fine motor skills. We used beads to thread onto a pipe cleaner and then twisted them to make some of the shapes we have learned about in the Superworm story. Take a little look at our work
Later in the week we looked at and talked about what we thought the different characters from the story might say and we decided to do some writing in speech bubbles. Take a look at some of the letter sounds we have been writing.

We even created a wormery. Come inside and take a look. It's fascinating and the children really do love it.


Next week we will continue with our Julia Donaldson theme and will be using the text The Scarecrows Wedding. This will also involve another visit to the ALPS on Tuesday so please send your child with wellingtons. We will also be making bird feeders and scarecrows. Please come back and visit our blog next week to find out more.


Have a super weekend.


Staff and children in Reception W