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week ending 15th February 2019

Hello and welcome back to our final blog of this half term. Oh my goodness what a busy half term it has been. This week we have been using the text The Gingerbread Man as the focus for our learning. We started the week as always, by listening to the story and talking about the characters, setting and events in the story. We are like mini detectives and can find out all of this information by looking at the pictures and finding clues.
As one of our funky finger challenges we have been trying to put as many cheerios onto a kebab stick in under one minute. This was a tricky task and required a lot of hand-eye co-ordination but we felt such a sense of achievement when we completed it. 
we have also been developing our ability to match number to quantity. We have been challenged to try and count out the correct number of buttons from a larger set to add to our gingerbread people. This is something that can be developed at home with very few resources. 
We have also been describing the Gingerbread Man and creating posters to encourage people to look out for him. We have positioned these posters in and around our classroom. Can you see them when you drop the children off in class?
We have also been busy conducting a number of experiments to look at differences and similarities. We set up lots of different liquids and set about finding the one that would dissolve the gingerbread person fastest. We learned new words such as sludgey, squishy and crumbly as well as discovering that hot water was the fastest way of making a gingerbread person disappear. 

We have also been developing the skills needed to be able to hold a sentence. We have to count the number of words in the sentence, put them into our head and then write them. Miss Oddie was very impressed with our independent writing. Thank you to all those parents who practice at home all of the time. It really is making a huge difference. 


That's all for this half term. We hope that you have a wonderful rest next week and when we return to school we will be using Superheroes as the focus for our learning. 


Finally, games club. We have had the most amazing time at Games Club. We have developed our ability to listen to and follow instructions, we have been learning how to negotiate and solve problems by talking things through and we have most of all, had great fun together. After the first week back at school we will be changing the children in games club as we had so many want to join. Look out for your child bringing you a note home with more details. Here we are in action