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week ending 15th November 2019

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been busy learning using the text Charlie Cooks Favourite Book. It has opened a wealth of opportunities to develop many different skills. Let's take a little look .........
We started the week off by commemorating Remembrance Day. We made poppies and attached them to our school uniform whilst undertaking the 2 minute silence. A very thought provoking experience impeccably observed by the staff and children in Reception W.  
This week we invited the children to bring in and share their own favourite stories. We saw some old favourites and some lovely new texts that developed our repertoire of story telling skills. We also created our own front covers for our favourite books. These are now proudly displayed in our classroom. smiley
Our WOW wall continues to grow. We are always excited to read about the new skills and knowledge your child has been sharing with you. If you would like to complete a wow moment please help yourself or speak to a member of staff. The children thrive on sharing their good news with others and it is their moment in the spot light. Thank you to the adults for completing them. yes
We have also been using our favourite texts to help us with our maths work. We took a poll of everyone in class as to what the title of their favourite book was and we made a block graph to show that information. We have been busy interpreting that information. We have been looking at which is the most popular book, least popular and answering questions that help to develop our critical thinking skills. 
We have also been developing our label writing skills. We have been drawing pictures from the story Charlie Cook's Favourite Book and then writing about what we have written. This has been a particular favourite this week especially as it has been one of our continuous provision challenges. 
Next week we will be using the text The Snail and the Whale as the focus for our learning. We have so many exciting learning opportunities planned for your child so please make sure that you visit our blog next week.