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week ending 16.10.2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have bene busy learning all about Autumn and talking about the changes that happen in this season. Let's take a little look at some of the fantastic achievements we have made this week....
We looked at and talked about pumpkins. We looked at their shape, size and colour and tried to have a little go at drawing what we could see. This is just a small example of our super work. Well done everyone!
We used conkers dipped in different coloured paint and followed a series of instructions. We made the tray move forwards, backwards and side to side and we made some beautiful images that we have made into a display. 
We used our sensory tray to write letter sounds and even some words like cat, mat and sit. These are the words that we continue to practise in our daily Read Write Inc session. Keep up the good work at home as we are beginning to see it really paying off.
We also worked as part of a small group and looked at books about Autumn. We talked about the changes we could see for example the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. We then used the books to find out more information. It was such a lovely experience. 
We have also bene using our Autumn theme to help us with our number recognition and counting. We took out some of the pumpkin seeds, dried them out and then added the correct amount to the cake cases. This was a great way to help us learn about matching number and quantity. 
Next week we will be back to learning using Julia Donaldson texts. Next week we will be focusing on Superworm, the worm that was super strong and super long. Why not see if you have the book at home over the weekend or try looking on You tube (with an adult) to read the story. Have a great weekend. Staff and children in Reception W smiley