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Week ending 16th November 2018

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been busying thinking about the future. We have been looking at different occupations and thinking about what we might like to do as a job in the future. We have learned so much within this topic and it has really helped to challenge our thinking.
We started the week off by designing and making emergency vehicles. We used lots of different boxes and materials to create different vehicles. There was so many different aspects of problem solving involved in this activity and the results are not proudly hanging on our board in the writing area so please do come and take a look.
We had a fantastic time out on the ALPS this week. We made interest sticks and worked with a partner to find objects of interest and add them to our stick. This was a great way to develop friendships and to work and share and accept the needs of others. 
In keeping with learning about occupations we looked at what it would take to be a clothing designer.  Mrs Moore brought in a variety of materials and patterns and we cut them out, organised them and had a go at stitching them back together. Fascinating and lots of fun as well as a good work out for our funky fingers smiley
We have also been thinking about different career paths and we have been learning that both men and women can do the same jobs. Here are some of the jobs some of the children in class aspire to achieve. 
We have also been thinking about people in the local community who help us we have talked about shop assistants, librarians and other helpers. All of the work that has been going on down at Asda has inspired some of our children into wanting to be builders and road workers. To develop this interest further we have been looking at signs and symbols in the environment and working out what they signify. Very interesting! 

Next week is our second to last week learning about the amazing author Julia Donaldson. Next week we will be using the text Zog as the focus for our learning. We have some great ideas to use in class and we can't wait to share them with you next week.


Thank you to all of those people who have completed and returned their home learning challenges we have proudly displayed them in class.


We hope that you have a great weekend.


Staff and children in Reception W smiley