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week ending 17th January 2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been busy using the text The Three Billy Goats Gruff as the focus for our learning. This week has been full of opportunities to develop our story telling skills. We have been thinking about how traditional stories start and end. Why not ask your child to tell you? smiley
We started our learning by making paper mache goats. We blew up three balloons to different sizes to represent the different goats. We then had to coat the balloons in glue and water and add paper torn into strips. We loved this activity. There was so much learning to be done - we talked about size, problem solved when the paper was too long to use for the little billy goat and we had to use the Internet to find pictures of goats to help us. 
As the Billy Goats Gruff wanted to eat the sweet grass on the other side of the bridge we decided to try and grow our own grass. We had to read the packet and find out how the seeds needed to be planted to grow. We learned that they could grow all year round and that they grow best inside. We have planted them and are waiting to see what happens when we give them sunshine and water. Fingers crossedyes
We have also been problem solving this week. We used and selected lots of different materials that we thought would make a good raft for the Billy Goats to use to get across the river. Here are some examples of our efforts. Well done everyone smiley
We have also been developing our knowledge of number 11 as our number of the week. Take a look at this wonderful example of different ways of making 11.

Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year. Have a little look on the tv and in newspapers over the weekend and I am sure you'll find out lots of information that will help us with our learning.


Have a great weekend

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