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Week ending 17th May 2019

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. The staff are sure that you will find it a wonderful read and be extremely proud of the efforts the children make with their learning. Let's take a little look at this weeks activities ........
This week we have been showcasing our personal and social skills. We were set a challenge to work as part of a team to create a den that would hold us all and keep us dry from the rain. These challenges were so very interesting to observe. We developed our co-operation skills, ability to share ideas and opinions with our friends and accept they may differ to our own. Not to mention the development of problem solving skills - how can we keep the roof on , what would make a good material and so on. Great activities that show how well developed our PSE skills are in Reception smiley
We have also been learning about how we can use the Internet safely to find out news. We are great at recognising that information can be derived from books and the Internet and we proved this by looking on news websites for information relating to the royal birth. Using this information, we created letters to congratulate the happy couple. We will wait and see what happens and if we are lucky enough to get a reply smiley
We have also been exploring different ways we can think of to say thank you. We talked about notes, cards and by letter. So we thought carefully about all of the learning we had been doing over recent weeks and who we could thank. The children came up with a list of people and together we decided to say thank you to Natalie from Little Barn Farm. We created some wonderful letters and I am sure that when she receives them she will be over the moon to know how much we enjoyed it smiley
We have taken advantage of the sunshine and taken the opportunity to learn more about shadows and how they are created. We took the pom poms out onto the playground and had an amazing time looking at the patterns they created on the ground as we twirled them in the air. Fun activity with lots of learning. I wonder if you could take outside some objects at home and see the different shadows they create? You could even draw around them. We'd love to see some pictures yes
We continued the theme of observational drawings and looked at different flowers this week. We studied colour, texture, shape and size and tried hard to replicate this on paper. We took it one step further by adding labels to our drawings. Isn't this a fabulous picture?