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Week ending 17th November 2017

This week we have been using the text The Stickman as the focus for our learning. This half term all of our learning has been focused on Julia Donaldson texts. They are a wonderful set of texts and have so many learning opportunities in each and every one of them - we have been learning about rhyming, prediction and changing the ending to a familiar story. 
The first thing we did was to read the story and to talk about the characters - we then used different techniques to create our very own stickman. This involved adapting an approach  if it didn't work and thinking about which materials were best for which task. Lots of problem solving and language was gained from this activity.
In our maths groups we have also been busy developing our understanding of numbers in lots of different ways and this is something we are going to continue working on week by week. We are looking at numbers in the environment, written words and how numbers place a massive role in our lives.
We have also been using the stickman to help us create number sentences. We have been using language such as more/less, altogether and the names of various signs such as add and equals. Here we are with some of our number sentences. 
We hope that you have a lovely weekend. Next week, we are going to be using the famous and very familiar text of the Gruffalo to focus our learning.