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Week ending 19th October 2018

Welcome back to our final blog before the half term holiday. This week we have been busy learning using the text What the Ladybird Heard. This is a wonderful text for memory, recall and discussion and we have used it really well to enhance our learning. 
We made and designed ladybird biscuits, talking about numbers, symmetry and the environment all rolled into one fun activity. Just goes to show that all of this learning took place without us even realising no
We have also been busy developing our construction skills this week. We have though of ideas, designed, made, altered and adapted our work to make a 3d model. The children have had so much fun with this and a big thank you to all of those people who have  sent in box modelling materials
As always, we have been busy putting into practice the sounds that we are learning in Read Write Inc. We continue to learn new sounds and apply them to the words we read and write. Please try to practice a little everyday over the holidays. Take a look at the writing we completed about the noises we thought the characters from the story would say
We also celebrated the Daily Mile with a fun session full of hops, skips, jumps and more. Look at us here off to the Daily Mile in our t-shirts. We just love it!
We have also been ordering numbers on Ladybirds. Take a look at us!
Have a wonderful holiday and see you after the half term. Reception Staff smiley