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week ending 20th April 2018

Hello and welcome back to our blog. We hope that you have had a very restful holiday and are raring to go. 
This week our focus has been on developing our number recognition to 20 and using this knowledge to find out 1 more/ 1 less than and talking about number order. 

We have also been busy exploring cause and effect. We have been asking questions such as what will happen if........ This is us working out how to create bubbles with water and air


We've also been busy being creative outside. We have used blocks to create vehicles. This is our steam train. It then transformed into a car and finally it was changed into a motorbike. How wonderfully creative we are 
We have also been learning about what our body needs in order to be healthy. We visited the Life Education bus and had a meeting with Harold - a giraffe who knows all about how we can use exercise and a healthy diet to stay safe. 

Thank you to all of those parents and children who have worked so very hard on this weeks learning challenge. More information and pictures to follow next week showing us sharing our wonderful memories and events with our friends. 


We hope that you have an amazing fun filled weekend.


See you all next week


Staff and children in Reception smiley