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Week ending 20th June 2019

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been using the text Beauty and the Beast as the focus for lour learning. What a week  yes
This week we got creative in the kitchen. One of our objects we had in the curiosity cube was a bulb of garlic. Some of the children were unsure what it was so we thought the best way to show them would be to taste it. We made our own garlic bread and sat outside in the sunshine to eat it. Delicious
We also spent time outside in the sunshine completing a texture walk. We took off our socks and shoes and walked in and out of boxes that contained different materials. So much language was shared, the children had an amazing time and it was a fun learning experience.  
We made the most of the sunny weather this week and took our maths learning outside. We have been looking at, naming and describing 2d and 3d shapes. Here we are looking at shapes in the environment. What shapes can you see?
We have also made magic mirrors just like they have in many of the Disney films. This was the perfect opportunity for children to get creative, to look at shape, colour and texture and look at how they adapt and change their approach if they hit a barrier. As you can imagine, this activity told us that the children in Reception are good listeners, resilient and very very creative. 
As always, we continue to work on our reading and maths skills everyday in class. The children have made so much progress and they are happy to show off their reading skills. Just look at our independent number sentences. Amazing work Reception. smiley
Next week is another busy week. We have transition so the children will be visiting their new classrooms and staff later in the week. Next week we are going to be using the text Rapunzel to help us with our learning. Have a lovely weekend. Staff and children in Reception W