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Week ending 20th March 2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been using the text Super Daisy as the focus for our learning. What an amazing character she was! Let's have a little look at this week smiley
We used the globe to identify different countries. We talked about where we lived and looked at how different countries would differ in terms of climate and scenery. It was very interesting
We looked at the solar system and the different planets and set about organising them. We looked on the Internet and in books to find out more information
We have also been thinking about some of the words a Superhero would use. We have looked in magazines and listened to lots of different stories and these are some of our ideas. Take a look at our letter formation and our phonics. We are making super progress smiley
And finally, this is our Super Daisy display. It depicts all of the activities from this week. We have painted, written recipes for pea soup and discovered the solar system. Please come in and take a moment to have a little look. The children are so very proud of their effortsyes
e also took ;part in a shape hunt in and around school. We looked for lots of different shapes. Have a look at the picture someone drew showing us on our shape hunt smiley

Have a great weekend

Staff and children in Reception W smiley

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