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Week ending 20th September 2019

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. We have had an amazing week in class and we have had lots of exciting fun learning new skills. Let's have a little look at what we have been learning about this week using The Scarecrow's Wedding as our focus.
One of our challenges this week has been to make patterns using o and x. We have been talking about repeating patterns and shapes and this activity has given us a reason to use our problem solving skills. We are working hard to develop this skill smiley
Using the text The Scarecrows Wedding, we have been developing our scissor skills. We have been trying to cut carefully around the scarecrow and think of different ways to assemble it to make it move. We have so many interesting ideas about how to join pieces together. Ask your child about this activity I am sure they will be able to share their ideas
We also had our very first visit to the ALPS this week. We took the bird feeders over that we had made in class and found a place to position them so that the birds and other wildlife will be able to see and eat them. We can't wait to go over again next week and see if they have been eaten smiley
We have also added to our Spider mind maps. At the start of each week we are recording what the children already know and then at the end of the week we are re-visiting this work and adding our new learning. This is a really rewarding and exciting activity as it allows us to celebrate all of the children's new learning and new knowledge. 
We have also been thinking about how we can affect changes to materials. We used icing and added water to create a different consistency, we made Harry and Betty character biscuits and had to use our problem solving skills to alter the shape and length of the ingredients we used. We also made our very own scarecrow. We had to scrunch paper, push, pull and talk about texture as well as think about the best way to get our scarecrow to stand up. What a lot of learning smiley
We have also been using our body as percussion. We have been thinking about the different ways we can use our body parts to make different sounds. This was just one of the fun activities we did in Letters and Sounds. If you would like any ideas about how to help your child tune into sounds at home please come and speak to a member of staff and we will be more than happy to share our ideas yes
Our next week's Text of the Week is the Gruffalo, a text that i am sure many of you will be familiar with. We have an action packed week of learning planned and we can't wait to share it with you smiley

Finally, just a few reminders. We really need everyone to check that their child's name is in every item of clothing, please check after washing as names do wash out. We have had a number of jumpers and cardigans everyday without names and it makes it difficult to find the owner without a name.


We need children's Read Write Inc bags EVERYDAY in school. We add new letters everyday and this makes it easier for the children and allows staff to check that your child has all of the letters they need for you to help them at home.


Snack money is £1 a week and we ask for this on a Monday. There will be a bag on the table with your child's name on it, please place your £1 in the bag and we will do the rest. We give the children toast, milk and water every morning and they have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and water each afternoon.


Loan Library is every Monday. This is your chance to come with your child and choose a book together. We will send these home at the end of the day on Monday and you are invited each Monday to swap books.


Have a lovely weekend 

Staff and children in Reception W