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Week ending 21st September 2018

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. We have had a wonderful week in class. We have been using the text The Scarecrows wedding as the focus for our learning and what a lot of learning we have done! Let's have a look
We have continued to develop our knowledge about speech bubbles and how they can be used in a story to indicate that someone is speaking. This week, we have thought about the characters from the story and written things that we think they would say. This is a great way to show the impact of all the Read Write Inc work we do.
Once again we went out onto the ALPS to hang our bird feeders that we made. We loved doing this. We talked about nature, changing seasons and what kind of creatures we thought we might see. We were even lucky enough to find a birds nest high in one of the trees. 
We have also been busy developing our ability to match number and quantity. We used a hand we froze and made rings out of pipe cleaners to match the theme of the story and we put the right number of rings onto each hand. This was such good fun, even if it was a little cold smiley
We also developed our story telling skills further by ordering key events from the story. This is a great way of developing our memory skills and it helps us recall key information. Why not ask your child to retell the story? 
Next week we will be using the text Spinderella. This is a really good text for developing number recognition. Why not try to find a copy on the Internet. Join our blog next week and discover the learning that has taken place in class. We are sure that you will be really impressed no

Finally, just a little plea. Please can we ask that you continue to check items of clothing for names. Everyday we are finding jumpers and cardigans without names and this makes it difficult to locate them and return them to the right owner. Also, don't forget that EVERY Tuesday we go out onto the ALPS and after all of the rain this week we will definitely need wellingtons next week.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Staff and children in Reception W smiley