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Week ending 22nd March 2019

We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend and we welcome you back to our class blog. This week is week four of learning through Superheroes. We have found such a lot of different activities to keep us thinking and learning. Let's take a little look at this weeks activities.  
We created a Superhero shop. We thought about prices, wrote labels and employed people to work in our shop. This was a really fun way of learning about money and how we use it in our everyday life. Next time you visit the shops maybe let the children pay so that they can learn more about the different coins that we use.
We have been writing numbers like Superheroes. We have been learning some of the wonderful rhymes that help us to remember our number formation. Here we are are putting these skills in action smiley
We developed our artistic skills by creating a Super Veggie linked to the text Supertato. WE even created new names for our heroes. It is so pleasing to see the time and dedication children committed to the task and shows they are growing in maturity and confidence all of the time. We are very proud of the children in our class.
We have also extended our theme in to our learning about numbers. Here we are ordering numbers from 1-20 and talking about 1 more and 1 less than certain numbers. Tricky but we are improving all of the time. 
We even found time to celebrate a friends birthday. Happy 5th Birthday. We hope that you had a wonderful day celebrating smiley
That's all for this week. Join us again next week. Remember, Monday is loan library day, reading book changing day and on Tuesday we will be visiting the ALPS so please send your child with a coat and appropriate footwear. See you on Monday smiley