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Week ending 22nd November 2019

Hello and welcome back to this weeks blog. We are still continuing to use our Julia Donaldson texts as the focus for our learning and this week we have been busy exploring links with sea creatures and different environments. Let's take a little look.....


After reading the text we set about creating pictures of the different environments in the story. The whale took the little snail all around the world and showed him so many things. Here are just a few of the pictures we created. We explored textures, shapes, colours and used tools and techniques to make changes to our materials. The children were so very proud of the work they created and rightly so smiley
As we do every week, we have been thinking and learning about our number of the week. This week it is number 9. Who knew that 9 could be found in so many different places. Here we are finding 9 in books in our reading area.
We have also been exploring how to write numbers and the order they come in. This is all liked to our work on number of the week. It really gives the children lots of opportunities to explore numbers in lots of different contexts. We hope that you found the number line useful as well as the list of ideas about how to use it in a fun way. We would be really happy for you to come and share this with us. Take a wow moment and write it down yes
We have also been using the Internet and books to help us find out information about snails and whales. We wanted to find out where they live, what they eat, how they breathe and other really useful facts. Here we are using our reading corner to help us understand more about whales and their environment. 
We are also continuing to add to our learning book. This is were we place evidence of all the fun and exciting activities we have been taking part in each week. It's a record of our learning, achievements and comments the children have wanted to make. Every Friday we take out book and we look back at all of the wonderful experiences we have had. This is a great way of developing our memory and recall, use of language and a lovely social time when we listen to ideas from each other and share our own. 
We have also been developing our writing. It is important that we have lots of different opportunities for us to practice the skills we learn in Read Write Inc. This week we have been creating postcards from around the world. Take a look at some of the wonderful writing we have produced. 

Just a gentle reminder....

Reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday

Read Write Inc bags MUST come to school every day please - this enables staff to add the new letter sheet the children need for you to support them at home

Loan Library is on a Monday - please come along and choose a book we have so many lovely titles it really is a shame not to smiley

Next week we will be using the text The Smartest Giant as the focus for our learning. This lovely story lends itself perfectly to size ordering, shape and lots of discussions about friendships and looking after others. Have a wonderful weekend.


Staff and children in Reception W smiley