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Week ending 22nd September

This week we have been busy learning all about our body. We have used the text FunnyBones to help us focus our learning. We started the week off by listening to the story. We looked at a real skeleton and talked about the different bones we have in our body. 
We played a skeleton game using a dice to help us develop our knowledge of numbers. Every time we rolled the dice we got to pick a body part. The winner was the one who completed the skeleton first. It was so much fun.
We also created our own X-ray hands. We used salt and cotton buds and created skeleton X-rays. Come and take a look at them in class.
We have also been thinking about how we use our hands to feel and what different materials feel like. We used shaving foam to create patterns. We made circles, lines and zig zag patterns. 
We have also been ordering and identifying numbers. We found some skeleton bones with numbers in and set about putting them in the right order from 0-10. We even managed to go beyond 10. 
We also went outside and used the big space to create stick skeletons. It was so much fun talking and learning about long and short bones and the different parts of our bodies. Take a look at our pictures. They are amazing! 
We hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you next week. smiley