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week ending 2.3.18

This week we have been using the text Supertato as the basis of our learning. We have had an amazing week full of different learning experiences. We started the week off my creating wanted posters to capture the Evil Pea. We have so many talented children in Reception. The staff are very proud
We have also been busy developing our upper arm strength. We used potato mashers to mash peas and talk about the different techniques we needed to use when mashing frozen and defrosted peas. 
We also then used lots of different skills to create our 3d Supertato models. We used scissors, sellotape, glue and lots more resources to make models. Take a look at our work. 
We have also celebrated World Book Day. Thank you to all those people who helped to make it a really fun and exciting day. We had the best time!
We have also enjoyed the cold and snowy weather this week! We have been outside with a grown up and using different things to make different marks and patterns. Cold but lots of fun!
The cold weather has also given us the opportunity to explore ice and what happens to water when it freezes. This was a completely unexpected child initiated activity but so much learning has been gained from it. We have been using language such as frozen, see through, slippery and creating descriptions such as it looks like bubbles in a window.
We hope that you have a brilliant weekend. Fingers crossed for snow! See you all on Monday. Staff and children in Reception W