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week ending 23rd November 2018

Welcome back to our class blog. This week we have had a really busy week. We have been using the text Zog as the focus for our learning. This text has had lots of opportunities for us to develop our thinking linked to feeling proud.
We started the week off by listening to the story. We looked in detail about the setting for the story and then set about creating our own story setting of a castle. We had some amazing structures and designs and the children loved working together to create a model.
This week we also celebrated Nursery Rhyme Week. We listened to and completed activities about a different rhyme each day. Here we are buying currant buns in the bakers shop. A great way of understanding money and coins. 
We also explored a number of Zog themed challenges in continuous provision.  Here we are undertaking our 1 minute challenge to release Zog.
another one of our rhymes this week was Humpty Dumpty. We had such a good time exploring a range of materials in order to see which protected Humpty the best. During our experiment we discovered that cotton wool was indeed the best material to stop Humpty from cracking. smiley

We have also been thinking about the types of things we do that make us feel proud. We had some lovely discussions and lots of suggestions about the types of things we need to fell proud about.....


Mollie feels proud when she helps her friends

Brinley feels proud when he learns something new

Kolby feels proud when he put his clothes on after PE by himself


The adults are always proud of the children's achievements no


Next week we will be using the text Monkey Puzzle as the focus for our learning. This will lend itself to lots of learning about adults and their babies, habitats and lots more


We hope that you have a wonderful weekend 


Staff and children in Reception W