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week ending 23rd October 2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been using the super Text Superworm. The worm that was super strong and super long. Let's have a look at this weeks learning.....


We have ben busy recalling previous weeks learning about the Gruffalo and Autumn. Each week we take a snapshot of the previous weeks learning and compile it in our sticky learning book. This is a great way to support children's memory and recall skills about previously taught activities. Take a look at our work. 
We have also been busy developing pour writing of letter sounds. We do this in lots of different and fun ways in Reception. We write in the sand, shaving foam and on big pieces of paper. Here is a picture of some of the sounds we recognised and can write using the Superworm story.
We also have been developing our pincer grip. We have been threading patterns onto pipe cleaners and then twisting and bending them to make a worm. The beads were small and some of them quite tricky but we didn't give up yes
We have also been exploring clay. We rolled, flattened and squashed it to make a superworm and then we had an idea. So many children had been collecting leaves on their walk to school we decided to make some leaf prints. We followed a series of instructions and this is the end result
We also transformed our group room into a mini pumpkin patch. This was so much fun. We used the balances to help us learn about weight and we used real money to buy our pumpkins from the farm shop. 

And after buying our pumpkins we then wrote some instructions for others to follow on how to carve a pumpkin. Here is our class effort.



We hope that you have a wonderful half term


Staff and children in Reception W

Reception class bubble required to isolate until Saturday 19th June, please refer to the letter in Covid section...