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Week ending 24th November 2017

Welcome back to our blog. This week we have been using the Gruffalo as the focus for our learning. This is a great text as the children know the story so well so it has helped enormously with developing their ability to describe characters and think about alternative endings. Take a look at our learning. 
We have been developing our counting skills by adding the correct number of purple spikes to the Gruffalo's back. This involves language such as adding, taking away and more and less. 
We have also spent a lot of time using describing words to talk about the features of the characters in the story. Look at this amazing piece of independent writing. WOW
We have also been using the Gruffalo crumble from the story to practice writing our letters. We are encouraging the children to write in lots of different ways.
We have also been developing our number work. You might remember last week we focused on the number 1, this week, it's number 2. Once again we are showing the children that numbers are all around us in the environment and that there are lots of different ways to represent them.

We have also started to learn the words to the Nativity songs. Tickets will be available very soon from the front office. You will be blown away with the commitment the children have shown already and we can't wait to perform for you all. 


Next week as the weather takes a change and Winter is well and truly setting in the provision on offer in the classroom is going to be focused on winter and in particular, artic animals. 


Have a lovely weekend and we can't wait to see you all on Monday.