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week ending 26th January 2018

This week we have been using the text Hansel and Gretal as the focus for our learning. This traditional tale lends itself perfectly to developing children's maths skills and that is what we have been busy doing. 
We have been developing our skills linked to matching numeral and quantity. We have been identifying numbers and counting out the right number of objects. This is quite a skill. 
We have also been busy making potions using sand and different types of scoops. We have been following recipes and adding the correct number of scoops to create a potion. We have had so much fun and we are really beginning to use number names in our play and talk about numbers around us. 
We have also been developing the art of story telling using associated language. We love listening to stories but this week we have had the puppet theatre out in class and it has been so rewarding to watch and listen to the children talk using Once upon a time, they lived happily after and using the different voices for different characters. 
We have also had a homework challenge this week. So many children have brought back their story telling challenges and we have very proudly displayed them on the door in the classroom. Come in and take a look
We have also been using Hansel and Gretal story to think about patterns. Take a look at this very talented little boy who made a car using a 4 colour repeating pattern. WOW
We have also spent a considerable amount of time listening to the children read. This is so very important and we do this each and every week in class. This gives us the chance to help the children with their segmenting and blending skills and to discuss words and sentences. Please try to listen to your child read every day, it really will make a huge difference. 
Next week we will be using the text The Ugly Duckling and we will be doing lots of work around PSE - Personal, Social and Emotional development, thinking about others, celebrating differences and solving problems. Have a great weekend. Staff and Children in Reception W