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week ending 29th June 2018

Hello and welcome back to our blog. This week it is all about the World Cup. Let's take a little look at this weeks learning. We think that you are going to be impressed.
We started the week of with our own opening ceremony. Each child took a different flag of the world and we paraded around the outdoor learning space waving and welcoming everyone. We had so much fun and this really helped us to set the learning in context.
Once again, with football in mind, we thought about what our goal might be to achieve or get better at in the near future. We had some really interesting ideas about ways in which the children want to develop in the future and what we can do to make sure that this happens.
Our home learning challenge was to try and find out about facts from the teams we are supporting. Take a look at these. We had some children bring in food from certain countries and someone very talented family created a very special pinata for us to play. This was amazing and so much fun  smiley
We played table football, developing our hand eye co-ordination and social skills and we dressed the Beebots up as footballs and sent them around the pitch using different commands. Lots of different learning opportunities this week.
And to finish the week off we had a World Cup party. We came to school in different kits of the world and celebrated fair play. Well done everyone.

That's it for World Cup Week. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe in the sun. 


Staff and Children in Reception W