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week ending 2nd February 2018

Hello and welcome back to our blog. This week we have been using the text The Ugly Duckling. We have been so busy thinking about and celebrating the differences we have in class. We have been learning about respecting others and their differing views and the importance of working together.
We have been using different materials to make swans. We have been twisting, bending and shaping pipe cleaners and using tools to affect changes to the materials. Take a little peek at our efforts. They are amazing! 
We have been learning about life cycles too. We have been thinking about the different stages and processes animals go through from hatching to adulthood. This raised so many interesting questions and we explored the Internet to find out the answers smiley
We have also been exploring patterns. We have been thinking about repeating patterns and how to finish them. Take a look at our different patterns. Some of them were quite tricky but we didn't give up no
We have also been developing our maths skills. We have been using dominoes form the classroom to create simple number sentences. This was really simple to gather all of the things we needed and something that you could do at home.
Clearly our Hansel and Gretal focus has excited a lot of children. We have had some amazing models made at home and brought into school. We are so impressed and surprised at the effort that has been put into them. Thank you for your support. It really makes a difference
Thank you for reading our blog. Next week the focus for our learning is going to be linked to the text The Enormous Turnip. We are going to be learning about characters, settings, events and lots of practical hands on exploration of tasty vegetables. Have a wonderful weekend. Staff and children in Reception W