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week ending 31.1.2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been using the text The Three Little Pigs as the focus for our learning. Let's take a little look at what we have been doing this week.....
We looked at the repetitive refrains in the story - we picked up on the fact that the wolf huffed and puffed at each individual house. We collected a series of objects and predicted whether we thought we could huff and puff and blow them across the paper. We then tested our predictions. Here we are in action smiley
In one of our provision challenges we had to create different coloured patterns using pegs and boards. We changed and adapted our patterns and made them more complicated. Well done everyone yes 
We have also been exploring how we can record our number of the week. We looked at different ways we could represent number 12. Here is one very interesting way. 
We have also been exploring the different materials the pigs used for their houses. Here we have written the 3 different materials in the correct order. Look at the way we can say and write the sounds in words smiley
We have also been using the text to help us develop our learning about directions and positions. We had to direct the wolf to each of the pigs houses. We used language such as forward, backwards, left, right, up and down. 
We finished the week off by designing three different houses using three different materials. We tried to make the houses strong and then used a hairdryer to act as the wolf. The house of bricks was indeed the strongest house for the little pigs to hide in from the wolf 

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend smiley


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