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week ending 3rd November 2017

This week we have been using the text Spinderella. It is about a little spider who is desperate to learn all about numbers and asks lots of questions. This has been perfect for instigating discussions about numbers, solving problems and lots of high order thinking.

We started the week off listening to the story and talking about the characters. We joined in with the story and made predictions about what we thought might happen.

We used the BeeBot to move around the web and talked about different positional language such as forwards, backwards, turn, left and right. This was great fun and the web was huge!
We also took part in a Spider Challenge! We had to try and use the pincers to collect as many spiders as possible in 1 minute. We then had to line them up and count to find how many we had managed to catch. There was so much mathematical learning in this activity 
We also went out onto the ALPS area. We had an amazing time despite it being chilly. We each had to create a den to keep the spiders from the story safe and warm. We had to design, build and evaluate our plans and we had lots of different and creative structures. We are so very inventive  in Reception! 
We have also been creating leaflets for others to read to help them understand a little more about spiders. We started off by using the Internet to find out and answer questions about spiders. We then recorded our questions and found out the answers to them. The following day we created our own leaflets. They are very informative!
We have also been inspired by an artist who creates images using leaves and twigs. We used some of the same materials to create spiders and other creatures. We talked about many different aspects - length, size, problem solving. We generated questions and used books to find out the answers to the questions. Amazing learning opportunity that we really enjoyed.
And that brings us to the end of a very busy week! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all again on Monday smiley