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week ending 4th May 2018

Hello and welcome back to our blog. We hope that you have had a great weekend!


This week has been a very busy and productive week. We have been busy learning all about Olivers Vegetables. This is a story about a little boy who thought that he didn't actually like vegetables but when he tasted them he found he did!

We had a homework challenge to find out about food and where it comes from. We had some amazing examples of work that children had completed at home. We are so pleased that so many people completed this challenge. What was also really impressive was the pineapple that we tasted in class. Can you believe that it came all the way from Brazil?
The story really captured the imagination of the children and our independent writing went into overdrive. Here are some examples of children who have created labels for their fruit pictures without any help. Well done girls no
In addition to this, we talked about what plants and animals need to grow and thrive. To find out about this we set up an experiment. We used cress seeds on cotton wool and have been nurturing them and looking after them. We have been using a magnifying glass to check on the changes and the growth that has occurred.  
We have also been developing our knowledge of the growth cycle - what happens first, what comes next and how it does it all work. Here we are sequencing and describing and discussing what is happening in the pictures.
We hope that you have a lovely long weekend filled with fun and sunshine. Reception W staff and children