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week ending 6th July 2018

Hi there

We hope that you had a lovely weekend in all of the sunshine we seem to be enjoying for the last few weeks. Just a little reminder that whilst the weather is glorious can we ask that you provide sun cream and a hat for your child as we do play outside every day. Thank youno

So what have we been up to this week i hear you ask. Well this week we have had yet another exciting week in class. We have experienced Wellfest and have been busy developing our dance and song for out own Westfest next week. Let's run through the week.
One of the first things we did this week was to have a picnic. Not just any old picnic but a doubling, halving and sharing picnic. Wow what a perfect way to develop our skills. 
We have also been developing our maths skills but on a huge scale. we created some giant number sentences both inside and outside of the classroom using resources. Brilliant.
On Tuesday we explored Wellfest down at the DW. Thank you to all of those parents that came along on the day, because of you, we were able to walk down and explore many of the different activities linked to Spain. It was a lovely day in the sun. Thank you to those that organised the event
We also explored creating flags using coloured pegs and boards. Take a look at this beautiful example. 
The children have also spent Thursday and Friday morning in their new Year 1 class this week. I now from conversations that the children were well behaved, listened carefully and were very polite. Well done everyone.

We have also been practising our dance and song for Westfest. We can't wait to perform and have a few tricks up our sleeved to add to the event. We really hope that you can come along and support us. Don't forget tickets are available and are selling quickly. We will also have cakes on sale on the day for 30p each. 


We hope that you have a wonderful weekend in the sun. Stay safe and drink lots of water and wear a hat and lots of suncream. 


Don't forget that we are asking the children to come to school in their rock star clothing on Thursday for the Westfest. If you have any questions please come and speak to a member of staff.


Bye for now x