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Week ending 6th October 2017

This week we have been using the text The Smartest Giant in Town as the focus for our learning. We started the week off by thinking about the giant and what special qualities he had as a friend. 

We started the week off with our PE session. We develop so many skills during this session every week and it is amazing to see the children practice climbing under, over and through obstacles and equipment knowing that there gross motor skills are developing all of the time. 

We looked at different sized footprints and compared them to the giants from the story - we measured them with cubes and ordered them starting with the shortest to the longest. 
We have also been learning about matching number and quantity. We used buttons just like the ones that popped off the giants shirt in the story and set about counting them out to match the number on the paper. This is a really good skill to practice at home and the children are continuing to develop their skills to be able to count out loud and stop at the right number. Keep it up everyone! 

Some if you might have noticed that we have set a challenge area up in the classroom. Every morning we will have a different challenge for the children to undertake. They have been really popular this week 😄

We have also put up a display in the cloakroom and we are asking you to write on the speech bubbles. A list of things your child is interested in. In Reception we try to plan using the children’s interests and this will give us a really good indication about the types of things the children like and will help us to plan exciting and engaging learning opportunities. Thank you to those parents who have already completed the task. 
We hope that you have a lovely weekend. For the next two weeks we will be using changing seasons and autumn as the focus for our learning. This is the perfect time for us to complete lots of sensory learning experiences. Join us again next week and take a look at the exciting learning we have undertaken. Bye for now 👍