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Week ending 7th February 2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have continued our learning using traditional tales and have been focusing on Little Red Riding Hood. Here is a glimpse at all of the work we have done this week....
We started the week off looking at different settings. We soon discovered that Little Red Riding Hood was set in the woods. We wanted to describe the wood using words and to also recreate the woods using materials. We are practising our hand eye co-ordination here by tearing strips carefully to create a collage background. We then used oil pastels to add details of trees and of course, Little Red herself. These are now on display in our gallery. Come and take a look smiley
As always, we explored our number of the week. This week it has been 13. We have used our magic maths mat to add only things related to 13. This way of working has been fantastic for the children and many of them are able to show 13 in different ways for example through the use of a tally chart or a number sentence. 
Wolves feature greatly in traditional stories. We used and explored clay to make 2d and 3d models. We used clay tools to add detail such as the rough fur on the body. These are on display in class so please do come and look. The children were so very proud of their efforts.
In PE we continue to explore different ways of moving using our bodies. We have been looking at different ways of rolling. Here we are in action smiley
We have also been exploring time. We have been looking at key events that happen during the day and then trying to show those times on the clock. As part of one of our challenges this week we have had a number of children recreate times independently. Here is someone showing us the time on the clock when we get ready to go home. Fantastic yes

Next week is our final week of using traditional tales and we have saved the best till last. Next week we will be using the text Goldilocks and the 3 Little Bears as the focus for our learning. We have so many exciting ideas planned. Why not have a little read of it over the weekend?


Have a great weekend


Staff and children in Reception W smiley