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week ending 8th November 2019

Hello and welcome back to our blog. We have been using the text Tiddler to help us with our learning. This week has been the perfect opportunity to explore the environment further afield, in particular, under the sea. Let's take a look at this weeks learning ....
We have explored speech bubbles and thought about the different characters from the text Tiddler. Tiddler had so many friends and they all thought Tiddler was pretty special. Just like us smiley
We have also been busy creating labels for our drawings. Ava created a label for her mermaid. Super writing. Look at all of the different sounds we can hear when we write. Amazing work yes
We have also been continuing with our number of the week. This week our new classmate celebrated his 7th birthday. We introduce our number of the week every Monday and start the week of by sorting and organising our magical maths mat. Here is this weeks learning all about number 7. 
In Letters and Sounds we have been using our Read Write Inc cards to find objects in the classroom that begin with the same letter. We created quite a collection of objects. This is a really easy idea to do at home and really helps the children to tune into the initial sounds of words.  
We have also been using information texts and the Internet to find out about the setting from the story Tiddler. We have found some amazing footage of coral reefs, fish and other animals that live under the sea. It was also a great way to teach the children about the fact that we can learn new things by reading books and researching on the Internet. 
The Tiddler story was perfect for exploring time. Every day he was late for school and his friends watched the clock until he arrived. We made our own clocks and added different times. Here we are feeling so very proud of our work 
Next Thursday we will host our final Read Write Inc reading session after school at 5.00pm for those parents who haven't attended the previous meetings. Please try to attend as you will be given your free resources to help support your child at home. Here is one of our lucky prize winners. 
Have a wonderful weekend. Next week we will be using the text Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. smiley