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Week ending 9th February 2018

This week we have been using the text The Enormous Turnip as the focus for our learning.  We started the week off by listening carefully to the story and trying to recall all of the characters who helped out in the correct order. A tricky task but great for developing our memory skills.
we started off exploring lots of different vegetables and talking about the different smells, appearances and textures. We had access to some vegetables that we hadn't ever seen before so that is new learning! 
We then chopped up all of the vegetables and made a delicious soup with them. Yummy! 
We have also been cutting and sequencing characters from the story The Enormous Turnip - we impressed with both our cutting skills and our memory and the way we could recall key features of the story. Well done everyone.
We have also been exploring seeds. We have been talking about similarities and differences between the seeds and all of things that we would need to provide to make them grow. We talked about skin, shoots and roots and learned lots of new language.
Please don't forget our Reading event held in class on Thursday afternoon at 2.30. We can't wait to showcase all of our hard work this half term whilst we have been learning about Traditional Stories.  The staff in class think that you are going to be suitably impressed smiley
We hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Staff and children in Reception W