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Week ending Friday 10th January

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. 


I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and a great new year. The children have been so excited to tell us all about what they have been up to. 


We have had such a busy week and we have started straight away with our new text of the week - The Gingerbread man. The children have loved the story and we can't wait to show you how busy we have been. 

We started off the week with reading our story. We then talked about how we make gingerbread man. We decided to watch a video of a baker. This was so much fun and we discussed all the steps and we have been reviewing them all week. One of our challenges was then to write our own recipe. Our writing is fantastic and you can see some of it up on our Gingerbread man display. 
We have also been busy on the creative area this week. We started by practicing our cutting skills to make our own Gingerbread man. We are getting really good at cutting now as we have had so much practice. We have also been decorating our Gingerbread man using different collage materials as well as colouring in our Gingerbread man houses. 
One of our maths challenges this week was to recognise the number on the Gingerbread man and then use the tweezers to put the right amount of pom poms on them. This was a tricky challenge but we all managed it to collect our stamps! 
We finished off the week with a science experiment. We wanted to see what would happen to the Gingerbread Men when we dropped them in different liquids. We used cold water, warm water and milk. It was so interesting seeing what happened and the children used amazing language to describe the process. Take a look at the speech bubbles on our display to see what they said. 
Our new number of the week isn't starting until next week and so this week we have been practicing our writing of numbers and drawing of shapes as a class. We heard the properties of the shapes and then we had to guess which shape they were. 

That has been our first week back. Very exciting. 

Next week we are going to be reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we have so much planned already. 


Thank you to everyone who has brought their PE kits in for our first week back. Getting changed on our own is a really important skill and PE is a great time to practice. 


Can we please have reading books and diaries in for Monday to change and can we make sure we write in the reading diaries to we know when your book has been read so we can change it. This really helps. 


Have a great weekend! 

From Reception F