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Week ending Friday 13th September 2019

Hello and welcome back to our blog. This is the page where you find lots of information, photographs and ideas to support your child. So let's have a little look at this weeks learning all about Spinderella......
We started the week of by arranging sticks to create a spiders web. This involved a lot of problem solving and discussion about how best to secure the sticks. We then went on to weave string in and out and up and down to create a web. We our very proud of our efforts and these are on display in our group room so please come and take a look smiley
We have also been matching number and quantity using spiders and spiders webs. We had to identify the number, count out the right number of spiders and check our answer. This is great for problem solving activities yes
We have also been developing our hand eye co-ordination. We used pincers and had 1 minute to try and collect as many spiders as we could. We then had to count them, write the number down and see at the end who had the most. It was so much fun smiley
We have been doing our daily letters and sounds activities. It's a great way of helping the children tune into different sounds as well as helping to develop their concentration and focus. Ask the children to share their knowledge, play games like I Spy smiley
We are continuing to take part in our continuous provision challenges in the classroom. Here is just one of the challenges form this week. We had to use lolly pop sticks to create shapes. 
Next week we will be using the text The Scarecrows wedding as the focus for our learning. This text will provide endless opportunities for number recognition, speaking and listening and creative activities. Have a wonderful weekend. Staff and Children in Reception W smiley
Reminder: School closes on Thursday the 21st of July