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Week ending Friday 17th January

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. 


Our text of the week this week was The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we have done so many activities throughout the week. 


We started off the week with a new number that we are learning about. Number 11!. We have loved moving into double digits with our numbers and we have learnt so much. We started with our Magic Carpet activity where we have to put everything that links to number 11 on our carpet. This has been a great way to develop our critical thinking. 

We have done so many activities with number 11. Take a look...
One of our activities with our text of the week was to use different painting utensils to experiment with texture. We wanted to create a fur-like texture for our goat. We had lots of discussions about what might work best and we created our class goat. 
We thought we would also try paper mache this week to create the three goats. We blew up the balloons and covered them with paper and glue before painting them. We think they look fantastic - even though some of us weren't sure about the sticky texture of the glue!
Our writing this week has been fantastic. We are so proud of how the children are doing in RWI and you can really see their progression from the start of the term. Our challenges this week were to write a list of the characters in our story and describe their features. 
We took our time this week to paint pictures of the troll. The children did a fantastic job as you can see. Take a look in our group room for all our pictures on display. 

We've had a fantastic week and we are loving being back in school after the holidays. 


Next week we are going to be celebrating Chinese New Year. It is going to be a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about other cultures. We are very excited. 


Hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

Reception F