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Week ending Friday 18th October

Hello and welcome back to Reception F's class blog. I can't believe it was the last week of our first term as Reception F this week, it has flown by. 


This week our text of the week was Zog by Juila Donaldson and it has been fantastic. 


We started our week with a visit from a real life dragon! The Dragon had left something in our Alps area and so of course we headed straight there to explore and see what we could find. Turns out they were real life Dragon eggs! We were all so excited and we could not believe it. We have had so many discussions around the eggs and we couldn't wait for them to hatch to see what was inside. We knew we had to be really quiet around them so they would want to come out. 

We also found some dragons that had been hidden in ice eggs this week. It was really interesting watching how the children approached getting the dragons out. They starting to realise that if they kept their warm hands on them they could start to melt the ice away. 
We've also been busy writing this week and we worked really hard making wanted posters for the dragon who's eggs we found in the Alps. Look at these fantastic letters on Brendon's. 

We've been very creative this week and we have made our own dragons out of plastic cups - they look so amazing and we have hung them up in our group room so everyone can see the work that we are so proud of. 


In our story there were knights and princesses and we have talked a lot about what knights wear for protection and we have even labelled pictures ourselves. We have really worked hard on creating our own shields to match the knights in our story. 


We also worked together as a class to create a huge Zog. We spoke about the texture of his scales and used apples to create the scales that we wanted. 

Our maths in Reception F is absolutely fantastic. We have been working so hard on our number formation and you can really tell how much progress we are making. We carefully counting pictures from our story and then chose the write numeral to write next to it. Look at this! 

We've had a fantastic half term and we cannot wait to continue our learning next week. Thank you to everyone who came to parent evening, it was a really lovely two nights celebrating everyone in Reception F. 


See you after the holiday,

Reception F