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Week ending Friday 1st November

Hello, welcome back to our class blog. The first week back in reception F has been a huge success. The book we have been focusing on this week in called Room on the Broom and the children have absolutely loved it. We've done so much fantastic writing this week so make sure you come and check it out on our display board in the classroom. 

We started off our week with a new number. This week the number of the week is number 6. We start off every new number with our fantastic magic carpet activity. This is where we have various objects linking to our number of the week and some items that do not. The children then sit as a class and we have discussions about what we can put on our magic number carpet and what cannot go on it. This has been a great way to encourage children to discuss their ideas and think critically through our maths. 

The highlight of our week this week has to be our fantastic trip to TRED UK. The trip was fantastic and the children had such an amazing and memorable time. They loved everything from getting on the double decker bus and singing the wheels on the bus song to eating our lunch outside in the woods. 



When we got there the children loved exploring the woods, they were looking for links to our story the Room on the Broom and you could tell what a memorable time they were having. It was a great trip destination as it was very free flow and the children could complete whatever activities that they wanted to. 


Another highlight of our day was when we got a chance to do some archery. It was such a fantastic skill that some of us had never even seen before and so giving it ago was a great experience. We all tried to hard and it was great for our gross motor and upper arm strength. 

The children loved working together to create their own class broom sticks. The discussions that were taking place during this creative activity were phenomenal and you could tell they were really negotiating their ideas. 

Throughout the day we were able to make our own wands and potions. The potions were fantastic and we loved watching them bubble over the cauldron. I think this is definitely something that we are going to be trialling at school.
We finished our day with the most delicious marsh mellows. It was so magical having them toasted on the fire and it really made our trip special. They were amazing but VERY MESSY!
We finished off our week at school by doing some fantastic writing about what we had been doing on our trip. Our writing is really coming along, we are really understanding initial sounds and our letter formation is really improving. 

We've had a fantastic week and it was such a lovely first week back. Next week our text is Tiddler which is again written by Julia Donaldson. We are going to be doing lots of research on oceans and fish and I know the children will be so excited for this. 


Have a great weekend, 

From Reception F