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Week ending Friday 22nd November

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. We have had another fantastic week. Our text of the week this week has been The Snail and the Whale and the children have absolutely loved the text, I think it might be the favourite so far. 


We started off the week with a number number. This week we have been learning all about the number 9. Like always we did our magic carpet activity where the children have to justify what can and cannot go on our magic carpet. We also celebrated Monty's 9th birthday. Monty the Maths bear has a birthday every week that matches our number of the week and the children love singing to him and giving him 9 cheers. 

This week we have also been experimenting with colour mixing. We have been seeing what happens when we mix colours and the children have really been enjoying it. They were amazed at the combinations that they could make - take a look. 
We have been very busy on our writing table this week. We have made signs for the whale to come and pick us up, we have been making speech bubbles of what the snail said to the whale and we have been drawing and labelling pictures of us with the snail and the whale. The children have loved it. We have been trying to make the writing area a really exciting place for the children to go and write and mark make and we have been using different writing utensils and different kinds of papers and cards. It's been fantastic and has encouraged so many children to want to write. 

We have had a great week and the children are really starting to complete their challenges independently. We have given all parents some WOW moments this week so we can really celebrate every moment in school and at home. Please fill out any WOW moments and hand them in so we can have a celebration in class. 


Just a couple of reminders: 

- We change our reading books every Monday and Thursday - please make sure to bring your child's book bag in on these days so they can have a new book and make sure when you read with them at home you are writing in their diary. 


- We also have a couple of children still without PE kits. Getting changed independently is such a great skill that the children need to learn and getting changed for PE is really helpful. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school for Friday. 


Have a great weekend, See you Monday!

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