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Week ending Friday 23rd October

Hello, Welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been reading Superworm by Julia Donaldson - We have loved this story and we have learnt so much - we love thinking about the characters and the way the story is structured. 


We started the week practicing our cutting skills to make our own worms. We then had to wrap the worm in wool - this was a great activity to strengthen our muscles to support our writing. 

We have been working really hard in RWI this week. We have learnt so many sounds and we are really trying to hear the initial sounds in words. We chose our favourite character and thought we would write about them using our sounds. Practing writing at home is so benifical and the children will love showing what they have learnt. 
We wanted to create our own worms in class and we thought it would be a great idea to use clay. We rolled, pinched and squeezed the clay to make our worms. They turned out great - take a look! 

We've had another fantastic week this week an we've learnt so much. The children have settled into reception so well this term and we can't believe our first term is over. We are so proud of them. 


Thank you to everyone who has brought reading bags back and have signed their diaries to say they have read at home. This is a huge help as we can see how they are getting on at home. Pleasse make sure to bring them back on Wednesday so we can change them again. 


Thank you for such a fantastic term - have a great holiday!


Miss Jellyman 

Reception class bubble required to isolate until Saturday 19th June, please refer to the letter in Covid section...