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Week ending Friday 27th November

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been learning all about ZOG. It has been so exciting and we have achieved so much. 


Our favourite part of the week has got to be when we found dragon eggs in our classroom. We think they were Zogs. This was so exciting and we made sure to write lots of letters to Zog to say the eggs were in our classroom!

We've loved using Zog to think about Maths this week. Zog is working really hard in the story to get a gold star. So we thought we would count out how many stars each dragon needed. This was tricky but we took our time and we did an amazing job. 


We also used Zog to think about size - our challenge was to put the Zog pictures in size order. Take a look. 

We've loved writing to Zog this week. Our writing is really starting to develop as we learn more sounds through RWI. We are really trying to ask the children so sound out their own words to see what sounds they need. They are working really hard and we are so proud of them. 

We finished the week getting our classroom ready for Christmas. We all worked together to put up our Christmas tree and I think we can all agree it looks fantastic!


Thank you for another fantastic week reception, 

Have a great weekend, 

Miss Jellyman 

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