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Week ending Friday 4th October

Hello, Welcome to our class blog. Here you can find out everything we have been learning throughout the week. 


The children have settled into reception so well, we are so proud of them. In reception we will be reading a Text of the week - we will then be doing all of our learning through this text and exploring the text in more detail. 


This week our Text of the week is 'Spinderella by Julia Donaldson. We have been so busy and we have loved the story. 

We've loved getting creative this week making spiders. We have been practicing using scissors and following instructions to make our own spiders. It was very tricky but they turned our great!
We've loved working with numbers this week. We have been practicing recognising numbers and matching the correct amount of spiders legs to the spiders has been a fantastic activity. We have carefully been counting out the correct number of pegs from a larger group. This is a great activity that could be done at home.
We've loved searching for spiders this week. We set up a spiders web in our classroom and had to use tweezers for find all the spiders. We also played a game where we had a race to see how many spiders we could find in spaghetti. Using tweezers is a fantastic fine motor activity which strengthens the muscles in our hands. This really helps our writing. 
We have loved using the playdough this week to create our own spider just like Spinderella. Playdough is again a fantastic, fun way to increase muscle strength to help improve writing. Creating representations of spiders was a great way for us to use our imagination. We loved it.

We've had a fantastic week and we can't wait to continue reading Julia Donaldson's stories. Next week we will be reading The Gruffalo and we have so many activities planned. 


Reminders - 


- Reading bags only need to come into school on a Wednesday and we will then hand them out again on Friday.


Have a great weekend,

Reception F 


*** School will re-open to all pupils from Monday 8th March. Please see your Weduc account for further information. ***